Watch All Nine Seasons Of Formula E Free Of Charge While You Wait For Season 10

It might seem like spoilers have made it pointless but you can now stream Formula E’s previous nine seasons online, entirely free of charge. The newest season of the EV-powered race series, season ten, starts in January this year and this is a chance to get caught up. Especially if you have nowhere to watch it on regular TV.

Sticking to the Formula E

Streaming some high-speed but oddly silent racing doesn’t appear to have many terms and conditions attached, either. There’s no region lock that we can see and no limitations other than having about 90 spare hours to dedicate to watching all 116 races. The only term and condition? You’ve got to sign up for the Formula E website. Don’t worry, that’s free too.

Viewing is possible either via a web browser or through the official Formula E app. You can find the latter here (for Android and iOS). And, in case you’re still looking at where this will eventually screw you, the streaming offer will also carry the races for 2024’s season 10. The only catch is that you’ll have to wait for a week after it’s broadcast live if you want to watch high-speed EVs without paying a cent.

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Season 10 kicks off on 13 January in Mexico City. There are seventeen events planned in total, with races taking place in the UAE, India, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Italy, China, the UK, and the States. Maybe one day they’ll come over to our house to play. If there’s power, that is.

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