Some Visual Trends To Keep In Mind For Next Year’s Creative Strategy

As 2023 winds down and we start to think about 2024, it can help to stay informed about the latest visual trends that could shape marketing strategies and other creative endeavours in the coming year.

Being aware of these trends can give your brand an edge when messaging your target audience, whether that’s via social media, your website, or other marketing channels. To help with this, the popular online stock platform Depositphotos has released its annual report on emerging creative trends, offering readers valuable insights into the future of visual communication and design.

In the report, Depositphotos delves into the trends gaining momentum, shedding light on the visual elements that capture the imagination of both creators and consumers. By analysing the search queries entered by their users, Depositphotos identifies the creative trends that are on the rise, providing marketers and designers with insights into what people are looking for, and how they can craft engaging and relevant content based on those trends.

Depositphotos’ approach is not limited to data analysis, either. It also consults industry experts and examines exemplary instances in advertising, product design, and beyond.

Here’s what you should know about the report.

Visual Trend Spotting

Depositphotos’ annual report is grounded in data, making it a reliable resource for anticipating trends that are likely to shape the visual marketing landscape. By tracking the surge in search queries and content downloads within their community, the report unveils what visuals are in demand and where consumer preferences are headed.

Expert Opinions

In addition to data-driven insights, Depositphotos consults industry experts to provide a well-rounded perspective on emerging visual trends. This input from seasoned professionals offers a deeper understanding of these trends’ significance and potential impact on your marketing efforts.

Real-World Applications

The report doesn’t stop at identifying trends; it illustrates how they manifest in the real world. By showcasing examples from advertising campaigns, product design, and other creative outlets, the report helps you visualise how these trends can be applied effectively.

The Year Ahead

As you prepare your marketing plans for 2024, consider the findings of the report on emerging creative trends. Knowing what people are looking for and staying aware of the visual shifts that may occur in the coming year can help you develop marketing materials that are fresh, engaging, and relevant.

Below, you’ll find an infographic summarising Depositphotos’ report; it touches on the important points but doesn’t go into great detail.

If you want to read the report in full, you’ll need to go to Depositphotos’ website and provide your email address to access the download. While this isn’t ideal, it’s at least free.

We hope business-minded readers find many useful visual trend insights contained therein, and we wish you all much success in your marketing efforts (digital and otherwise) in the coming year.

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