Oscar Mbo addresses allegations that he wears fake clothes

He also spoke about surgery complications, missing gigs, and more.

Oscar Mbo has been catching a lot of smoke on social media about the quality of his designer clothes.

The DJ and influencer, who has also been accused of being a forex trader and scamming people, addressed the allegations during his recent sit-down with MacG and Sol Phenduka on Podcast and Chill.

He also opened up about surgery complications, missing gigs, his friendship with Kabza De Small and more.

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‘It was a hard lesson to be learned’ − Oscar

Oscar admitted that he’s worn fake clothes before, citing a lack of knowledge. He said the fake clothing claims used to hurt him at first, “because I am also human”.

Explaining the situation, he said he trusted the guy who sold the clothes and believed they were legit.

“That was the younger me. I never got to talk about it. It was those situations where it happened, and it really got me somehow. It was a hard lesson to be learned because at that time I was also getting some sort of popularity, and I trusted the guy.”

Missing gigs

Last year, an event organiser blasted Oscar after he failed to show up for a booked and paid gig, but he later refunded the money.

On the Podcast and Chill episode, he set the record straight about missing gigs, saying he never misses gigs unless there are unforeseen circumstances, like when he was in hospital.

“I have never missed a show unless there was a promoter-artist issue or when I was in hospital. I had to do an operation that was long overdue. There were complications. My procedure was meant to be two hours max, but it ended up being like six hours,” he said, adding that he had to miss gigs that week because “I was only fine to even speak a week later”.

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