Hyundai, Kia Are Making an attempt One thing Attention-grabbing In EV Design With Uni Wheel Idea

EVs have loads to like, particularly for those who’re a fan of acceleration, however you solely want to have a look inside the everyday EV boot to see a number of the design limitations. EV batteries and motors are inclined to take up far more area than an inner combustion engine. Hyundai and Kia have give you the Uni Wheel idea, which they calls a common wheel drive system, which may simply assist with that.

Most folk are at the very least principally accustomed to motorcar suspension design. Wheels are mounted away from the central physique of the automobile, with a system of springs absorbing the shock. This design signifies that the engine is mounted in the principle physique. If you’re designing an EV, that wants a great deal of battery area, it might make extra sense to mount the motors contained in the wheels. Solely, this design tends to transmit shock via your complete automobile physique.

Hyundai’s common joint

The Hyundai/Kia Uni Wheel design claims to keep away from this challenge by combining 4 small motors (one for every wheel) with every wheel’s CV joint, drive shaft, and reducer after which sticking them into the wheel the place you’d look forward to finding the disc/drum brakes. The design permits the motors to drive the wheels however a intelligent gearing system permits it to proceed to take action when the wheel is being displaced by a shock on the street.

Translation? Powered wheels that save area in the principle physique for greater batteries or extra legroom that also enable for functioning shock absorbers. However Hyundai’s Uni Wheel design is, for the second, nonetheless an idea so don’t anticipate to see it in an EV quickly.

The video above describes how conventional suspension works and in addition provides an outline of Uni Wheel. There’s only one side that we’d be a little bit hesitant about. A posh engine constructed into the wheel properly is likely to be fantastic from a design perspective however what concerning the invoice for those who occur to hit a pothole (of which South Africa has an intensive assortment) onerous sufficient? Nonetheless, for those who’re driving an EV, you’re in all probability in a position to afford the substitute.

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