Google operational geothermal project

When Google isn’t innovating ways to monetize user data, it’s engaging in initiatives such as improving internet access and renewable energy. Recently, Google, in collaboration with clean-energy specialist Fervo, has launched a groundbreaking geothermal power project in Nevada—the first of its kind. This enhanced geothermal system (EGS) harnesses the Earth’s heat to generate power, overcoming challenges associated with proximity to volcanic activity.


The video provides a brief overview of the process, emphasizing that it avoids proximity to liquid hot magma. Instead, the method focuses on generating steam from underground heat to drive turbines, ultimately producing electricity. Presently, this electricity is actively supplying power to some of Google’s data centers. Google asserts that this power source is consistently operational and environmentally friendly, remaining carbon-free.

Google is actively interested in expanding Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) installations globally. The company has partnered with Project Innerspace, which seeks to popularize this power production method worldwide. There is significant potential for EGS to contribute to a substantial portion of global energy demand. The hope is that initiating drilling efforts in South Africa next week could contribute to this ambitious goal.

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